A New character

Morning!I decided to make a new character in 'MOEGI' server.New character name is heal doll.It's first character by 'MOEGI' server.I'm broke…now.I served HOJO.Because it is close to the money exchange counter and a place where textiles are made. 'Odawara' is ideal for make a string.First was the making 'kumihimo' and then it's 'Syuhimo'kumihimo ↓SyuhimoBefore the sinews of war It is reasonableOne...

I was angry

Today.I was angry. (=m=#I wonder what was wrong.【Big Battle Field No1】Entry ・・・40I decided to enter oneself for the big battle fieldWait・・120 minutes after Entry・・・60wait・・・125 minutes after Entry・・・85wait・・・130 minutes after Entry・・・100wait・・・1・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Why?Battle start!!10 minutes after Entry・・・95wait・・・4But I was not enter th...

Free Talk (No1) KKJ

Today.May I introduce my teammates.Tokon : This is KKJ.KKJ : I am KKJ.I'm a dead shot gunner! (>w<Tokon : You liar!! liar! Σ('д'KKJ : What did you say!? I'm a dead shot! (' = ' b Tokon : ・・・KKJ : Would you like to have a try?Tokon : Yes! That's apple on a Target.KKJ : It's a piace of cake. (>w<Fireeeeee!・・・・・・・・・FailedTokon : Then what is it?KKJ : I do not unde...